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Tutorial by Just-colorings.

Ok Let’s start. First open your gif on Photoshop. Crop, Sharpen, do whatever you need. Now duplicate the first frame of your gif and move it to the top to freeze the gif’s background. With the eraser tool, erase everything but the background (In this case just the girl). *Optional* If you want you could go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur to make the gif look better and with less noise.

Ok now pick a solid color (In this case I’ll choose red) and create a layer mask. Now with the color black selected and a soft brush, paint over the girl’s body and set the layer to Color Dodge or Vivid Light (It could change, depends on the gif and the color). Add a coloring (I used this one I made). Add some curves and that’s it. It could change. It really depends on the color of the gif, the color we want. Play with colors, and modes. 

Any question feel free to ask. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you!

Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine’s April 2014 issue


make me choose: anonymous asked: Samtina or Mikecedes or Tike

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Dan + Shay | “First Time Feeling” (Warehouse Sessions)